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Michigan State Spartans

Mark Beaudoin

Mark Beaudoin played from 1982 to 1985 for the Michigan State Spartans. Defensive statistics for the Spartans do not appear to be available for the seasons Beaudoin played but he was credited with one kick return for six yards in 1982 for the 2-9 Spartans under coach Frank Waters. George Perles replaced Waters as coach for 1983 and the Spartans played better football for the rest of Beaudoin's time at the school. Among Beaudoin's teammates in 1985 were Tony Mandarich, Andre Rison and Lorenzo White.

Beaudoin wore this Medalist Sand-Knit jersey at some point during his tenure with the Spartans. It is a short cut jersey that was quite popular during the era and features some good game wear with eight team repairs. It also has the Van Dervoort's distributor tag in the neck. Van Dervoort's, out of Lansing, Michigan supplied the Spartans with athletic equipment for a number of years.