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Pittsburgh Maulers

Troy Thomas - Defensive Tackle (Grambling State)

Troy Thomas began his professional career with the Chicago Blitz in 1983. Thomas appeared in 10 games for the Blitz that season and was credited with a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. In 1984, he wore this home jersey with the Pittsburgh Maulers after the club made him their 6th player selected (36th overall) in the draft to fill out the rosters for the 1984 USFL expansion clubs. Thomas was on the Maulers developmental squad for the first five weeks of the season before being active for the final 13 contests. He recorded a half sack that season.  

Thomas wore this jersey for home games at Three Rivers Stadium for the Maulers in 1984. It features plenty of game wear with 17 team repairs. There is some cracking on the screened on numbers and sleeve stripes. It shows plenty of customization with both sleeves shortened and hemmed as well as narrowed for a tighter fit. Both sides of the body of the jersey have also been sewn to make the garment leaner. There is no nameplate and Thomas' full name is screened directly on the back of the jersey. In watching Maulers game film, both of Thomas' home and road jerseys originally had a nameplate with just "Thomas" on the back. This can be seen in footage of the May 12 home game against the Houston Gamblers and the May 21 road game against the New Jersey Generals. The Maulers signed offensive lineman Todd Thomas to their developmental squad on May 20. Todd Thomas was activated for the Maulers home game against the Washington Federals on May 27. I could not find footage of that particular contest but the back of this jersey for the June 4 road game against the Philadelphia Stars featured both his first and last name on the back like in the picture shown. This suggests that the equipment staff removed the original nameplate after a second player named Thomas was added to the active roster and screened Troy Thomas directly on the back of the jersey.