Game Worn Football Jersey 

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Towson State Tigers

Jack Stewart

Jack Stewart (pictured above in the third row from bottom, third person from the left hand side) played on the inaugural Towson State football team in 1969. This jersey took a bit of research to trace its history. It was acquired from a former CFL equipment manager who had amassed a collection of well over 100 NCAA game worn jerseys from the 1960's to 80's through his contacts in the sport. He had each jersey individually identified by team including this Towson State jersey. There are very few older photos of the Tigers football program online but fortunately the school has uploaded all of its yearbooks to their website which contain photos and usually some commentary on the football team. This particular style of jersey is only seen in 1969, the first season of the school's football program. All other years show the team wearing different styles. This particular Russell Southern tagging was last seen in 1974 after it became Russell Athletic (in 1973) but I am unsure how early it dates. This durene jersey has plenty of game wear evident with many hit marks and several small holes from impact. There is some puckering on the sewn-on numbers and the collar is torn at a spot in the front. A very appealing style.